Meet the Transformers, the remarkable and inspiring recipients of the Transform Fund seed funding and investment.  

We know that real financial support in the science and technology sectors is needed in order to drive inclusive and sustainable development. 

The Transform Fund is providing seed money for start-ups and SMEs to develop their ideas, facilitate the commercialization of technology, and promote joint activity among member countries, researchers and entrepreneurs. 

Innovators, scientists, SMEs private companies, NGOs, Governments and academic institutions were invited to apply for funding under the following four categories:

Transformers in Cambridge 

As well as being invited to the Transformer Summit, Transformers will spend the preceding week with us, at the Transformers Academy. During this time attendees will participate in a number of experiential sessions to bolster their key business skills – commercialisation, financial stability, management and leadership, as well as communications. 

The events will encourage collaboration amongst the innovators, supporting the IsDB’s aims to forge a global network of innovators and talent.